Vector Hyperion VRH-01 VR Headset

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Vector Hyperion VRH-01 VR Headset
Vector Hyperion VRH-01 VR Headset
Vector Hyperion VRH-01 VR Headset
Vector Hyperion VRH-01 VR Headset
Vector Hyperion VRH-01 VR Headset
Enjoy the virtual reality world with the new Official Hyperion VR Headset from Vector Components. Designed for the utmost comfort and performance, these headset are meant to perform and enhance mobile virtual reality content like no other on the market. The Hyperion has dual lense adjustability with a 103° degree field of view, designed to give the most depth desired in the virtual reality world. Users will discover a synthetic padding developed to hug the contour of your face to ensure maximum comfort while having a snug fit. Together with the harness specifically designed for the Hyperion and lightweight composite design, you are guaranteed for hours of entertainment with little to no fatigue. The Hyperion was designed with the enthusiast in mind, with the accessibility and comfort of an everyday user, the Hyperion is perfect for any occasion.

What does the Vector Hyperion VRH-01 offer?

Holds up to 6.1″ phones, ensuring compatibility with bigger phones.
QR Code specifically calibrated for the Hyperion
Removable front radiator for thorough airflow and heat dissipation
Adjustable head strap allowing for maximum comfort and hold
The dual clamps in the front of the Hyperion Headset along with the pair of adjustable rubber bumpers ensure the secure hold of your phone and allows adjustability to avoid unwanted contact with device buttons.
Both lenses are able to be adjusted with the object lens adjuster as well as with our IPD adjuster, allowing for a setting that best suits each individual user.

Note: 1. The Hyperion is designed to transmit VR and 3D processed content to the user’s eyes, but not transform the source. To ensure best viewing performance and compatibility, videos and games that have been processed for VR or 3D viewing is recommended.

Whats Included:
Vector Hyperion VRH-01 VR Headset
Lens Polishing Cloth
User Manual

1 Year Limited & LIFETIME Support